The Centric Wealth Advisory team is led by its founding members and executive directors Gené Scott and Charles McAllister, and senior Wealth Advisor Sean Power. The administrative powerhouse is made up of Sandy Steyn, Shireen Losper and Taahirah Neumann.

Our Wealth Advisors are required to hold the Certified Financial Planner Professional® Designation (CFP®) and Charles McAllister is also a CFA Charterholder. This is considered by the industry to be the gold standard of financial analysis. Additionally, our Wealth Advisors are members of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa (FPI), the governing body for the CFP® designation.


Gené Scott, CFP®


Gené Scott has over 25 years of experience in estate, tax and investment planning. Along with her qualification as a Certified Financial Planning Professional® and Life Coach, Gené seamlessly integrates the financial coaching of her clients with her financial planning skills. By offering mentorship and leadership programmes, Gené is also involved in helping to advance the professional expertise of her colleagues and staff.

Gené has many varied interests and enjoys numerous sports. She competes in trail running events around the country (as a casual runner). She also enjoys mountain biking and hiking. If Gené is not doing sport, she likes to get involved in interior decorating. She enjoys travelling with her husband, Keith. They have two small rescue dogs, Molly and Smudge.

Charles McAllister, CFP®, CFA, CAIA


Charles McAllister was voted the runner-up in the Top Relationship Manager category of the highly prestigious Intellidex Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers Awards in 2021. Charles is an experienced Financial Planner with extensive UK and South African regulatory experience. Charles has the singular gift of being able to turn complex financial concepts and jargon into comprehensible, tailormade solutions that are both appropriate and relevant to each client’s specific needs. Charles holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a Certified Financial Planning® Professional. Being one of the younger partners, Charles brings long-term stability to the company by fitting neatly into Centric Wealth’s succession plans.

Charles has a passion for running in all forms, from running a business, running a rental property portfolio, running after his kids or running international marathons. When not wearing his running shoes, he is an avid reader and a keen fly fisherman, however, his greatest enjoyment is spending time with his wife and two children.

Sean Power, CFP®


Sean Power is an experienced Certified Financial Planning® Professional with extensive UK and South African wealth planning experience. With the purpose of providing his clients with an even better service, Sean decided to move away from the corporate environment to align himself with an independent financial advisory business. Sean’s passion for financial planning enables him to effortlessly guide his clients through the full spectrum of their planning needs. In addition to individual planning, Sean specialises in the retirement market, which includes employee benefits and company retirement funds.

Sean is an enthusiastic sportsman. He plays tennis and has a passion for surfing. If he is not in the surf, you will find Sean and his wife, Aunnie, travelling to interesting places around the world. They enjoy spending weekends exploring new areas locally, especially the beautiful wine regions in the Western Cape.

Sandy Steyn


For the past 20 years, Sandy Steyn has provided excellent attention to detail working in close coordination with financial advisors from BDO Spencer Steward, Quoin Wealth and Sasfin Wealth. She has a vast general knowledge of business administration, having spent 20 years in an auditing environment before moving to the financial services industry. As Centric Wealth Advisory’s Client Services Manager she offers a smooth and trustworthy evolution of all client administration.

Sandy’s youth hobbies included roller skating and horse riding. She became a South African Roller Skating Champion in Freestyle and declined an offer to pursue her skating career in America. Today, she is a football enthusiast and enjoys horse racing.

Shireen Losper


After graduating from high school, Shireen went on to study BA Humanities at Stellenbosch University. Thereafter, she finished a one-year BA Honours degree in Psychology. Having a psychology background has assisted her in the work field as it provides her with an understanding of human behaviour and social dynamics. The quality of the grounding which she received during her Psychology degrees has provided a solid foundation to enable Shireen to succeed in an entirely new field.

Shireen joined Centric Wealth Advisory in January 2018. Prior to that, she worked with Sean for over five years in the corporate environment.

Shireen’s interests include reading meaningful books, spending time with loved ones, relaxing by going to the movies and honing her culinary skills.

Taahirah Neumann


Taahirah started her career in the financial services industry back in 2011. She has held numerous administrator and assistant roles at different Liberty Franchises. She joined Centric Wealth in May 2019 and brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Admin and client services team.

As a mom of five kids, life can get really busy. When Taahirah does get some down time, she thoroughly enjoys dancing, listening to music and going out with friends. Looking after a big family has also meant that baking and cooking have become somewhat therapeutic and fun. She loves trying out new recipes on her family and friends. On weekends she loves getting away and exploring with her family.