Chrome Wealth’s Annual Investment and Financial Planning Update June 2022

Chrome Wealth’s Andrew Bradley and Analytics Consulting, who assist Chrome Wealth on investment strategies, present their analysis of the current investment climate as well as their recommendations for the coming year.

PART 1 (at 3:07)

Bernard van Wyk – Analytics Consulting Head of Investments – discusses the investment climate and outlook.

PART 2 (at 29:31)

Analytics Consulting’s Senior Investment Consultant Nadine van Taak discusses burning questions investors are asking in these challenging times, both globally and in South Africa. Are we in a stagflation environment? What impact is the war in Europe having on your portfolios? Is this a good time to increase exposure to risk assets offshore?

PART 3 (at 46:29)

Andrew presents the Financial Planning Update for 2022: how to take best advantage of the opportunities in these times – exchange control relaxation, retirement and estate planning developments and forthcoming attractions.

Lastly, don’t miss the Q&A session at the end, which provides further insight in response to investor questions about the impact of a possible recession, local infrastructure and Chinese stock prices.