Centric Wealth Advisory Wins Big at the Intellidex Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers Awards 2021

The team at Centric Wealth Advisory are thrilled to have won both the People’s Choice: Wealth Managers Award as well as the Passive Lump-Sum Investor Award.

Intellidex says that “Winning the People’s Choice awards is a significant achievement because it reflects how clients view their wealth managers and private bankers.” According to Intellidex one of the Centric Wealth client’s reports: “One of my best decisions was to move my portfolio to the control of Centric Wealth Advisory. They have taken a holistic and comprehensive approach to growing my portfolio in a responsible fashion and I value the transparency with regards to fees.”

Centric Wealth Advisory is also very proud to announce that Executive Director, Charles McAllister, came in 2nd place for the Top Relationship Manager. According to Intellidex “being in the top three for this award is a massive accomplishment for relationship managers since thousands of clients across the country nominate their personal managers and have high praise for them. The Top Relationship Manager award honours individuals who have nurtured personal, trustworthy and sustainable relationships with their clients.”

Centric Wealth Advisory also placed 3rd in the Young Professional Archetype category, 4th in the Successful Entrepreneur Archetype category and 5th in the Top Wealth Manager: Boutiques category.

Intellidex Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers Awards

The Intellidex Top Private Banks & Wealth Managers Awards is based on an institutional questionnaire as well as the Top Private Banks and Wealth Managers survey which has established itself to be what many believe is SA’s leading assessment of the industry. The results stem from a questionnaire completed by participating firms as well as feedback from their clients via an online survey. This year a record number of 9,817 clients participated in the client survey. We consider the sample size to be a meaningful reflection of the views of the universe of clients of South African private banks and wealth managers.

Building Towards Success

Exceptional results are only achieved by understanding the potential of each individual’s unique environment; and by building on this knowledge to provide expert personal care and outstanding results. This truth is central to all that Centric Wealth Advisory does. They help their clients actualise their full financial potential based on their unique circumstances. They do this by way of their client-centric advice model, expert knowledge and independence, and impeccable customer service. It is these principles that they believe helped them achieve these awards.

About the awards, Charles McAllister comments, “We are thrilled with these new accolades and incredibly proud of our team. We are also deeply appreciative of our wonderful clients who gave us such glowing reports. Thank you to each and every person who took the time to complete the survey. We believe that these awards are a result of us never losing sight of our core values and our central motivation. Our clients are at the heart of everything we stand for at Centric Wealth. We retain our independence to ensure that we give unbiased advice to our clients. We commit to never losing our client-centric approach.”

Thanks to all our clients who participated in the survey which helped us to achieve these remarkable accolades.